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CPAs working on client returns
CPAs working on client's returns

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Syed Javed Peeran CPA

Welcome to our website. Our CPA firm has been helping clients in Accounting, Taxes, Auditing and Information Technology for the past 30 years. 

Syed Javed Peeran, our managing partner, holds industry certifications in accounting, taxes, auditing (CPA, CISA), cybersecurity and cloud security (MBA, CISM) and data privacy (CDPSE).

We are a full service CPA firm helping the financial and technology needs of individuals, business corporations including small, medium and large.

Our firm has had the privilege of serving clients in Los Angeles, California since 1986. Our clients include Individual taxpayers, Insurance companies, banks, mortgage companies, technology companies and semi-conductor manufacturing corporations. 

We take our responsibilities seriously and ensure our work meets the standard of professional quality and delivered on time.

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